The New Era.

So, after online rants a plenty, the WWE finally gave us what we’ve been asking for. SmackDown vs. Raw is back.

The return of brand wars is long overdue and I think I speak for the vast majority of the WWE Universe when I say ‘Thank You’. We’ve had to endure constant BS from creative and endless rematches on SmackDown from the previous Raw.

Now we’re split again. New logos, new sets, new themes, as well as new commissioners and General Managers (Kind of). SmackDown is now under the guidance of Comissionner, Shane McMahon and General Manager, Daniel Bryan. What’s not to like!? Its fresh and its new! On the other side, Raw is now in the capable hands of Comissionner, Stephanie McMahon and General Manager, Mick Foley. (However Foley’s promotion still sees him wear the flannel).

After the two brands aired their first live shows since the 2016 draft this past week, the comments and reviews have been, for me, a bit baffling. Raw could not be faulted by WWEs Twitter community and rightly so. For me, it was the best Monday Night Raw for years. However, SmackDown has taken a bit of a beating from the fans and I think that’s very unfair. Here’s why…

Monday Night Raw is being run by, as we’ve already mentioned, Stephanie and Mick, who have both held roles similar in the past. Mick was once the WWF(E) commissioner, whilst Steph ran things (very unsuccessfully) over the past couple of years. (Alongside Triple H, of course.) Not only that, but with the draft, they were (rightly so) granted three picks to SmackDowns two, due to the extra hours running. That bulks out the Raw roster, whereas its very slim for now on Tuesday nights. With the superstars Raw obtained came ready made rivalries.. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens & Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte. Yes, only one of them came into play on Mondays show, but it still helps to give the whole thing more of a meaning.

Let’s compare that to the new look SmackDown. We have Shane O’Mac & D Bry. Yes, Shane once ‘ran’ WCW in that absolutely abysmal invasion angle, but other than that, both are very green in this line of work. They were already dealt the short straw by getting less picks in the draft, but in my opinion, still managed to put together a talented roster. Ambrose, Cena, Styles, Orton and Wyatt, to name a few. However, SD have invested in A LOT of NXT talent.

So, to me, we have the very experienced Monday Night Raw competing against an inexperienced SmackDown Live.

From the comments I’ve read, people were expecting an identical show on SmackDown that they’d seen the night before on Raw. (No idea why because wasn’t the whole purpose of the brand split to see different material?).

SmackDown will take a little longer to develop characters and build feuds, but the roster is stacked with talent and huge potential.

Don’t hate on the product, support it and watch it grow!


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